The Parish of Postlebury spent a total of £142,739 in 2023 on maintaining its five churches, providing services and spiritual support for parishioners, and administering the parish. Within this, just over £73,434 (compared to £91,113 in 2022) was spent on building repairs largely funded from restricted funds donated for that purpose. Our parish share – the contribution to the cost of the priest-in-charge, the Diocese of Bath and Wells and Frome Deanery – was £26,389. Without the work of many volunteers, overheads would be considerably higher.

Outside of the cost of repairing the buildings, the parish made a small deficit of £2,607 on its running costs but ran down its restricted reserves by £22,420; this was mainly due to expenditure of money raised to fund the augmentation of the bells in Nunney Church and the moving of the clock. More detail can be seen in the annual report which includes the annual accounts (below).

Our income in normal years comes from our congregation at services, fees for weddings and funerals, fundraising and donations from visitors and friends, plus income from the relatively modest restricted funds invested which we hold for each church.

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